Monday, July 5, 2010

Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles Throughout The Years

    Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
    Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle

    Leonard DiCaprio, he sure is a boyishly handsome guy. He is still a young man, even though he is well into his thirties. He has a large list of nominations and awards under his belt. Do you think he has an award for his hairstyle? His hairstyle is pretty popular in today's age. There are many guys who wish to look like him, but they know that they will never be able to do that, so they settle for one of his styles. So, what about Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles? Do you wish you could have one?

    Leonardo DiCaprio boys hairstyle
    Leonardo DiCaprio blonde bangs hairstyle

    A youthful, classic look from young DiCaprio. He had some variations include middle part, blonde bangs that were long and shaggy. They were almost perfectly round going all the way around his head. Do you remember these styles?

    Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
    DiCaprio angled layers

    Leonardo DiCaprio long bangs hair
    DiCaprio long bangs

    We have also saw him with angled layers and long bangs. The long bangs have been side swept to create a soft shape around his face.

    Leonardo DiCaprio Howard Hughes hairstyle
    Howard Hughes sleek and smooth hairstyle

    When he played Howard Hughes in the Aviator movie, his hair was cut short with little layering around the edges. On the front, it was left a bit longer with jagged texture for that sleek and smooth. The style works best for men with straight and slightly wavy hair.

    Leonardo DiCaprio slicked back Hairstyles
    Leonardo DiCaprio slicked back hairstyle

    Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyles
    Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle

    He also has a tendency to highlight his dark blonde hair with some lighter frosted tips. We have noticed that this style really brings out his blue eyes. Highlighting can also gives depth to your hairstyle. If you are going for a one length hairstyle, then you may want to look into this tip.

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