Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Best 10 Gents/ Men Hairstyles for 2012


    Picture of Tom Sturridge hairstyle.
    Best 10 Gents/ Men Hairstyles for 2012
    Tom Sturridge bead-head hairstyle.
    Lee Dong Wook hairstyle image.
    Lee Dong Wook hairstyle.

    2. Retro

    Picture of pompadour hair.
    Retro hair.

    Picture of Bruno Mars hairstyle.
    Bruno Mars hairstyle.

    3. Short Spike

    Taylor Lautner hairstyle
    Taylor Lautner hairstyle
    The short spike hairstyle is good for looking kind of dangerous and wild. Many women appreciate this look and are attracted to it. Spiky hair can be in a variety of styles. For instance, you may wish to have a porcupine spike. This is pretty much spiked all over. Spiky hairstyles can be short or long, but short is in this year, and hairspray and styling gel are essential tools. You also will find some styles that utilize short sides and concentrate on spiking the top, and this leads to the Mohawk.

    4. Mohawk

    Photo of Neymar da Silva Santos Junior mohawk hairstyle.
    Neymar mohawk hairstyle.

    Photo of David Villa hairstyle.
    David Villa hairstyle.

    5. Buzz Cut

    Picture of Trey Songz buzz cut hairstyle.
    Trey Songz buzz haircut.

    6. Side Part

    Image of Alexander Skarsgard hairstyle.
    Alexander Skarsgard hairstyle.
    Robert Pattinson side parted hair photo.
    Robert Pattinson as Eric Parker with neat side-parted hair.

    7. Crop

    Photo of Tom Hardy crop hairstyle.
    Tom Hardy hairstyle.
    Photo of Enrique Iglesias crop hairstyle.
    Enrique Iglesias hairstyle.

    8. Combed Back

    Photo of Cristiano Ronaldo with combed back hairstyle.
    Cristiano Ronaldo with combed back hairstyle.
    Pic of Chris Hemsworth comb back hairstyle.
    Chris Hemsworth hairstyle.

    9. Short Wave

    Penn Badgley wavy hairstyle picture.
    Penn Badgley wavy hairstyle.

    Julian Morris short wavy hairstyle photo.
    Julian Morris hairstyle.

    10. Natural Curl

    Picture of Harry Styles hairstyle.
    Harry Styles hairstyle

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